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At Panhwar Jet, we design and build the world’s first all-electric long range luxury aircraft. We are a fastest growing company in aerospace industry and moving towards becoming the world leader due to Panhwar's innovative technology. Panhwar Jet provides a fun, exciting environment that encourages creativity. If you don't find the position in the job listing, you can submit your resume, you may be considered depending on your level of experience.


  • Passenger 6
  • Payload 1,700 lbs
  • MTOW 7,500 lbs / 3,400 kgs′
  • Range 3,000 nm (+45 min reserve
  • Max Cruise Speed 330 ktas
  • Max Operating Altitude Max 30,000 ft
  • Battery 450 kWh
  • Battery Type LiFePO4
  • Battery Weight 2,400 lbs (32% MTOW)
  • Cabin Width 1.95 m / 4.3 ft
  • Cabin Height 1.8 m / 3.97 ft
  • Cabin Length 6.5 m / 14.33 ft