Innovation Beyond Imagination

This proprietary technology was initially under a provisional patent. Experts have recommended keeping the technology private. After evaluating possible options for various patents, a collective decision has been made to not proceed with the nonprovisional patent and instead file for a design patent in the imminent future.

Panhwar Group LLC's proprietary technology is over 80% efficient in producing electricity. The breakthrough technology uses 10% of the battery pack to process air. The derived processed air generates power to rotate the shaft and kick-start the generators to produce electricity for aircraft flights of approximately 5 hours. The limited hours are due to FAA requirements for faster turnaround in acquiring certification.

Panhwar Jet aspires to be the future leader in aviation by focusing on bringing innovation into the aerospace industry by utilizing environmentally friendly technology. Efforts are in process to revolutionize the travel and transport of cargo and medical supplies efficiently and affordably.