Innovation Beyond Imagination

We process air through our proprietary Electromechanical system to generate substantial amount of kinetic energy. Then kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. On May 2, 2022, a final test was conducted with an updated prototype, where ElectroEdge produced 7.36kw (AC) given the input was merely 511watts (DC), meaning it generated over 14 times more energy compared to the input (Output: 120volts and 61.3amps: Input: 22.2V and 23Amps). Above all, ElectroEdge can be entirely customizable based on load and application demands.

Our Proprietary Technology Makes Us Clear Leader. We are focused in bringing innovation in aerospace industry by our unique sustainable environmental friendly technology. We are working to revolutionize the travel, transport of cargo and medical supplies will in easy, fast and affordable way.