Designing and Building World’s First Revolutionary All Electric Business Aircraft

We are building an innovative five seater long-range aircraft, that is not only safer, environmental friendly, affordable but as well comfortable and luxurious with AI and autonomy capabilities.
Panhwar’s vision is to be the global leader in general aviation.

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Invest in US - based Aerospace Company Panhwar Jet

  • Designing and building revolutionary all-electric long-range luxury aircraft

  • Expecting to take first flight in next 8 months by Dec 2023

  • Raising Series A round under Reg - D SEC & FINRA regulations

  • Raised under $1.5M to date from Venture Capital and Angel Investors

  • Expecting to go IPO in 2024 at $5 - $7 billion

  • Experienced executive team with successful exists and took companies to IPO at several billion

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Panhwar’s innovative technology letting our aircraft fly faster & longer

Panhwar Technology

Onboard power generation system using wind energy and with proprietary AI integrated internal systems will make us a clear global leader in the industry.

Test Flight

We are just 8 months away from taking our first flight, we have already started production of our first prototype.

Manufacturing Cost

Our cost of manufacturing is expected almost 65% less compared to other fossil fuel counterparts due to almost 6,000 fewer parts.

Operating Cost

Operating cost of fossil fuel aircraft for four to six-seater is between $1,000 to $1,800 per hour, but our electric aircraft will only cost $25 per hour.


Our Current Investors & Advisors

We have prominent industry experts and advisors from electrical engineering background & veterans from solar and finance industry.

What Are We Up to Now

We have already tested and finalized our propulsion system in DEC 2022.

We finished aircraft designing in MAY 2022.

We started production of our first prototype in MAY 2023 and almost 50% is complete, expected to have completed by SEP 2023

We are preparing to have FAA experimental certification by OCT 2023

We expect to take our first flight by DEC 2023

What We Are Expecting Next

  • 2026

    Complete FAA certification by Q2 2026

    Start delivering aircraft by Q4 2026

  • 2024-2025

    Go for IPO 2024

    Setup Manufacturing

  • 2023-2024

    Take our first flight and set World Records by DEC 2023

    Start taking pre-orders in Q1 2024

  • 2022-2023

    Complete production of our first prototype by SEP 2023

    We are expected to have FAA experimental certification by OCT 2023