All Electric Luxury Business Jet

The world’s first all-electric self-charging luxury business jet, designed especially for business owners, large corporations and private charter companies. Our self-charging technology lets you fly from Los Angeles to New York without touching down. Luxurious cabin with video conferencing, VR fitness and entertainment.

Green Technology

We are committed to reducing Co2 emissions in the aviation industry.

Working with Veterans

We have pledged to hire 50% of employees from the veteran's community.

Reduce Noise Polution

We have gaged to provide comfortable flights by reducing sound pollution.

Innovation Beyond Imagination

Self Charging Technology

We decided not to wait for another 5 to 10 years for battery density to go up. Instead, we invented a system that charges batteries from renewable energy while aircraft is in the air. Fly from Los Angeles to New York without touching down. Our Engineers are working hard to Fly you from San Francisco to London without touching down.

landing take off

Auto Landing & Take Off

We believe we must adopt technology to reduce human error. Our auto-landing and take-off can make you feel perfectly safe. Our onboard AI-driven system will make the take-off and landing almost seamless in your luxury business jet with one push of a button. Our engineers are striving hard to make your luxury business jet completely autonomous so you can control any destinations with voice commands.

Luxury & Innovation Side By Side

Modern Aircrafts

Business travel should be a pleasant journey. Our modern and super luxury business jet will have everything to make your trip relaxing and entertaining.

Fast and Affordable

We strongly believe that your luxury business jet should not be more costly than your large SUV. And comfort level should not be compromised due to cost.

Comfortbale Chairs

We believe your business jet should be your business lounge. Work, relax or sleep, you can have it all with the awe-inspiring contemporary lounge chair.

Spacious Cabin

Your cost effective business jet will give you the feeling of your business lounge where you can work and relax.

Video Conferencing

We believe business must not stop, especially when you are flying in your most luxurious business jet. Start your video conferences and turn your luxury jet into business conference room.

VR Fitness & Entertainment

We understand business travel can be very hectic so why not have your luxury jet be your personal gym and entertainer too with our online and offline VR system.

ElectroBird Prototype


Panhwar Jet will begin assembly of the ElectroBird prototype.

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